Sold my RTV-XG850


Had it for two years and only 17 hour and 165 miles on it. Wife wanted it so I buy then she ends up with both knees replaced
We had mini horses about mile from our home we were to ride it to feed, we did few times. I wasn't that wild about it, didn't care
for the throttle off idle ( had the kubota fix done)..didn't help that much. Plus I didn't want to add signals, windshield, tag, our
town pass some ordinance cracking down on AVT, RTV, they even tried it on tractors..Anyways the RTV got a good home and buyer
seem tickled to death to have it....Thanks for all the help and info I got here


I may buy another one, if I do it will be street legal when I bring it home and will have 4 seats...Maybe Honda 1000
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I drove one of those Honda 1000's when was looking for a side by side. Brought trailer and checkbook ready to buy .
Read all kinds of good things about them . I drove about 100 ft and stopped.
The dealer said "Whats wrong" .?? I said "what the hell is that whining noise" ? hehehe he laughed and said its the trans . As this was why I had looked at the machine. Direct drive trans.. TO MUCH Whining noise for me,.couldnt do it.


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We had our decision narrowed down to a Honda 1000 or the RTV X1120. I had the same experience with the Honda. A loud whining interrupted only by a loud clack just before the gear changed (in automatic mode.) Also learned it was having some first year clutch problems. The X1120 was much safer on the steep hills and was built like a tank. We are not really into speed but pulling power and a dump bed were necessities so we chose the RTV. Ironically, between the 1102 diesel and the HST, the RTV its pretty noisy.

The Honda may be much better now - it has been four years. Most dealers would be glad to see you and offer a test drive.


Yeah I think the early Honda had clutch issues, I want some speed so it can be street legal, needs to run at least 45mph. The Kubota RTV-XG850 ran 42mph..I checked at my local tag office and the xg850 was not listed


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Yep, the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 had a clutch issue that was recalled and fixed. I bought a 2018 Pioneer 1000. And yep, the drive train is loud and kind of stiff when new. The first 500 miles or so. Once broke in the noise is not near as bad. Still a noise but bearable. In RTV's, Honda Pioneers and most side by sides you sit right in front of the engine so some extra noise it to be expected.