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I don't know of any websites that go in depth about mowing with a tractor but I do have hands on experience with what can go wrong while you are doing it.
Mowing other folks property can be dangerous both for you and your machine. Its hard to tell where sharp drop offs are in a grown up pasture and not all folks will remember to tell you where they are. Nothing is more fun than riding a tractor over on its side. If your tractor doesnt have a ROPS, it needs one with a seat belt.
An angular chunk of metal in the middle of the pasture can grab hydraulic lines or poke a nice hole in your oil pan, a junk tire can stop your cutter in a heartbeat, bend the axes (i have pictures) and just about tear the cutter off of the tractor while shaking your innards out. An animal carcass makes a nice racket when the mower hits it and opens up a smell from hell that you just cant get away from.
Honey bees? yeah, Ive had to out run em. As well as bumble bees. As soon as I have a nest of yellow jackets come after me Im getting out of the pasture business. I'm not trying to scare you out of it, just getting you ready for the surprises other folks have on their property.
If you have a front end loader there is a lot of other stuff you can do with that tractor. You could go so far as getting a disk, tiller, and box blade and start leveling peoples yards or building and repairing gravel driveways and parking lots with it.


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RJ has some good points. I'd carry an epi pin- those yellow jackets are down right mean and will chase you faster that the tractor can go. Back when we cut hay we had a wheel torn off from an armadillo hole and tires ruined from refuse and stubs. Just figure some of that in when you get prices lined up. Properly maintained pastures have much less problems- I've heard that breaking up gardens is a money maker too. bordercollie