Tractor will not start


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I have 2640 John Deere. I just bought a new battery and installed. It will not start. The battery checks out good. Am told that it may be the starter solenoid starter. How difficult is it to get this replaced? Thanks


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Simple diagnostics: Do you get any sort of click or clunk, or does it dim the headlights, when you turn the key?

Next phase: do you measure 12 volts at the input to the solenoid when you turn the key?


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It could also be your battery cables. They look good on the outside but corroded on the inside and can't get the needed amps to start the tractor. This has happened a couple times on my Deere. I disconnect the battery cables and run jumper cables to test this out.

If your dash lights come on, another thing to check is safety switches. Hold the key in the start position and move your PTO and shift levers.

If you do get a new solenoid, it appears they're pretty cheap. About $20.

I'm not familiar with the starter/solenoid location on your tractor but generally, the solenoid is easy to replace. Just a couple small bolts and 2 wires. Make sure you disconnect the battery first. ;)