Useful Website for general information about tractors


This is a great website for general info about tractors. (Click on Info tab)

Split into categories:I have used info from here countless times to answer questions that come up again and again.


Interesting link. Only "parts" they carry for my M7040 is filters, but there is some interesting info there.


When I first saw this link I thought what can I learn from that? But I actually learned a little bit more about my draft control, and I wonder if it would be helpful to use on my rear blade when plowing snow? I can set it, but if I start loosing traction in a heavy snow the blade might AUTOMATICALLY raise instead of me always messing with it. It does give me something to fiddle with and keeps me warm, but I might need to check out the draft control feature, which my tractor has (top link sensing)



I think the guys that used to run that site sold it.
It seems like it used to be run by two brothers. The one guy, Ronnie Bowman saved me over a $1,000 on my old Kubota B-7200. The input shaft rode inside the crank on a bearing and the bearing went bad and wobbled out the end of the crank. I thought I was going to have to replace the crank (cost of the crank alone was $800 not to mention labor). He told me a little trick that would work and I wouldn't have to replace the crank. He had me press a bearing in the flywheel and let the input shaft run on that.