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Bought this at a recent auction. Thought it was a 3 point tiller but, after looking more closley, decided it must be some sort of rotary grader. Unit attaches to the PTO and has an adjusting wheel to raise and lower two caster type wheels on the rear. The two labels appear to be in Japanese. Thanks for any useful information.


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Any chance you can post a pic of it?
I love Chevelles. hoping for pics of that also.


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That is a 3PH tiller. Probably a Yanmar. The wheels helps adjust the depth the tines go.


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Yanmar 3-point RS1400 rototiller. Or possibly the slightly narrower RS1300, which is only 1300mm wide.

Assuming RS1400: 54 inch cut width, Specified for 20 hp input.

Sold in Japan - usually as a dealer attachment and left on permanently - with Yanmar YM2000 tractors that will be run half-submerged tilling rice paddies.

Many of these tractors and tillers were imported here used, in the past 20 years, after retirement in Japan. RS1400 is probably the most-imported used Japanese tiller. These were sold new over there through the 70's then superseded by a similar red-painted model about 1980. Pretty much indestructible but will eventually need a $250 set of replacement tines.

Different from the Yanmar-USA tiller provided with Yanmars sold here.

I paid $200 for my RS1400. This included a set of new OEM tines that I haven't needed yet. I see now these tillers are going for $500~800, still a good price compared to anything else available.

Note the 'trainer wheels' go in the upright holes, and control depth of cut. I learned that I need to use the wheels with my 18hp Yanmar to avoid an occasional stall. On the YM240 (24 hp, US version of the YM2000 this tiller was sold with) the trainer wheels aren't needed.



My 2012 thread with those photos and and couple more).

An older thread - after I bought the tiller. Here's a photo in that thread showing tilling at low then high PTO speeds.


In summary: these are great tillers, especially for the price. Buy it!

These are commercial-duty tillers and should last forever in homeowner service, given periodic maintenance. Change the oil (90 wt gear oil. Oil level is middle of top outer gear.) Repack the tine shaft's offside bearing. Make something simple to replace the missing rear flap so it won't throw clods. Turn that rear crossbar over so its right side up and mount the trainer wheels with the vertical legs on the outside, then it will track cleanly. Might even paint it! Good for another couple decades.
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Thanks for the information. Wasn't sure if it was a tiller or some sort of rotary grader/surfacer. I need to do some minor repairs to it before I hang it on my tractor. As stated in the original post, I bought this at auction. I paid $40. Thanks again.