winter starting a ts100???


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I have a 2002 Ts100 and i don't understand how to use the thermostart feature. when you turn the key backwards the light on the dash comes on indicating that the thermostart is engaged. do i hold the key in the rear spring loaded position or let it return and wait for the light to go out before i start the diesel.:pat:


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Can't speak for NH in particular but I think the technique on most modern tractors is to hold the key backwards until the light goes out.

My tractor is green and a little older. You still hold the key backwards but my light doesn't go out so I just hold it there for 10-15 seconds.

Can't think of any tractor where you just release the key and it continues. You always have to hold the key in a glow-plug warm up position. On the RTV, it's turn the key forward until the light comes on but not so far as to engage the starter.


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On my TC 29D I turn my key to the right. The light comes on and stays on until I release the key or push in and move to the right to engage starter.

I can hold the key in that first position as long as I want and even though the light drops out the heaters are still engaged. In really cold weather I will engage the heaters for longer periods of time. I can tell the heaters are engaged when my headlights are on as they dim way down so I know they stay on even if the indicator light goes out.

If your heater drops out with the light I would suggest two cycles in colder weather


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what you guys are describing is a glow plug system i think. this tractor has a thermostart that builds a very small flame in the intake manifold. on other tractors you hold the switch just like on a glow plug. on this tractor i am not sure if you hold the switch or if it is automatic.


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ok i think i have this figured out. the problem getting info on this tractor is hindered by the fact it was only MFG for three years and the latter models had a 24 volt grid in the intake instead of a thermostart. the procedure "I think" is semi automatic. first you turn the key backwards until the indicator on the dash lights up then you quickly turn the key to the run position. what happens is when the key is turned back it initiates the coil in the thermostart but in order for fuel to flow the key has to be turned to the run position to allow the fuel pump to push fuel through the thermostart and waala a flame!! after you hear the poof just start the tractor normally.