X1120D Bed Hydraulic Cylinder Pin


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I have a 2016 X1120. I noticed what sounded like a clunk when I raised and lowered the bed. I noticed the bottom part of the cylinder, closest to the bottom of the machine seemed loose when activated. After a closer inspection, I noticed that that retention pin had nothing in the hole where you would expect to see a cotter pin or something to keep the hydraulic cylinder pin from sliding around.

As soon as I pressed the pin back into place, it eliminated the slop.

I have been through the WSM this evening and cant find a picture or diagram of the assembly. If you have an 1120, would you mind taking a look at the bottom of your bed cylinder and tell me if the retention pin has a cotter pin or something else in it. (Be sure to rotate your safety arm into place before you get your head down there.)

Pictures are attached. This is looking down at the bottom of the bed hydraulic cylinder mount. After I pressed the pin back into the position, it got rid of the looseness. Which makes me think maybe the pin is tapered. And without the cotter pin or something to hold it in place, it migrated and loosened.

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My X1140 did not have a cotter pin in that retention pin when I took delivery. I noticed the hole and wondered why. Not sure if it was forgotten during assembly or intentionally left out. I wondered too if others received theirs without a cotter pin. Bought mine in January 2022. Easy enough fix but curious nonetheless .