X900 RTV Transmission Issues - Overfilled Transmission Case


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I did a filter change on my X900 and had no issues prior to changing the filter. I have about 250 hours on it now. After the filter change I noticed the jumping when taking off from a stop as others have reported. I talked to the local Kubota shop and they advised draining the fluid and installing Kubota filters. I did that and made a mistake. I looked online and found that the capacity for the transmission is 2.6 gallons. This is NOT the case. The transmission holds 1.8 gallons. Therefore, I wound up overfilling the transmission. After allowing the system to cycle for a few minutes I ran the machine (despite my better judgement of the overfull transmission - the fluid was halfway up the entire dipstick) I found it would still jump on takeoff and then noticed it would not pull up an incline. I had to get my tractor to tow it back into my shop.

I have since found and drained the Hydraulic Oil tank which takes 19 quarts. So my not paying attention cost me money on UDT2. I plan to refill that tank and drain the excess from the transmission case.

My question is did I do any damage from driving the machine with the overfull transmission case? Has anyone else had issues like this in the past with an overfull transmission case that did mechanical damage? I am wondering because wasting money on UDT2 is getting expensive and annoying. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!