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Please help us populate this forum with quality Articles, Resources & Reference Material. If you have any to share, please post them here.
Thanks in advance.




Tip on using 70% bio.:nuke: Kubota RTV runs great, good power, hard on rubber lines, and eats paint. Just don't let them sit for extended periods of time with it in the system. This one was parked for over 9 months.


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Another great resource for specs data:

A couple of other useful sites for finding used tractors:
All the links in this thread are DEAD, except your last two.

Sad actually, wish the was still a site. Clicking the link brings a person to the MicroSoft login page. errrr

So, using the WayBackMachine of the internet, I happen to find the most saved part of the site on OCT-2007.

Should anyone need to see any of it, the WayBackMachine is a great help!