close call


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well after all these years it finally happened to me. while changing the oil in my x1100C i removed and replaced the oil filter refilled the oil and started the machine to find oil squirting out from under the new filter. yup!!! the old oring stuck to the block. no harm done.:starbucks:


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I hate when that happens. LOL Glad you caught it quick and no harm done. :thumb: :tiphat:


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i use one of those vacuum extractors through the dipstick tube and i reach through the access panel under the seat to unscrew the filter. so i don't have to take the skid plate off.


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The reason most gaskets pull off old filters is because owners follow the filter makers advise to lubricate the new filter gasket with engine oil before spinning the new filter onto the engine.
That BAD ADVICE should be condemned by everyone, as what it does is COOK the oil onto the new gasket and STICK it to the engine flange... and it pulls off the old filter when it’s being removed. It also makes the old filter HARD to remove because the cooked-oil has welded that gasket to the engine.

A BETTER METHOD is to lubricate new filter gaskets with Silicone Grease such as DOW-CORNING DC-4.

Background: the reason filter mfr’s want you to lubricate the new gasket is to keep it from spinning or being dislodged from the filter when it’s spun onto the engine. The gasket can be dislodged and cause oil loss if not lubricated.
but the much better thing to use rather than oil... is silicone grease.
That is what we use on aircraft spin-on filters and never have a problem.

Hope that helps.