CS2220 - Anyone have any first hand experience with it?


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Hi folks I am thinking about getting a new tractor having gone from a Kioti CS2410 -> Kubota BX25D -> Kubota B3200 -> JD 1035R..

I just found I needed more power so went up to the B3200. I then got rid of it and got the JD and hated it.

So I in the market again and I see Kioti's new CS2220 is newly designed for 2020 and has a heavier lift capacity on the loader than the previous CS2210. Also comes with SSQA which I wanted.

I don't have a large parcel and would be used mainly for cutting grass and work around the yard including moving snow around in winter.

I was thinking, loader, mowing deck and maybe even a cab. The cab adds quite a few $$ to the bill. I know there are some soft cabs out there which may do the trick. Mainly want the cab to protect myself from wind and snow in winter.

Any comments is appreciated. Also, I can't seem to get an answer on this. Does the CS2220 come with float on the loader? Can you curl and raise the bucket at the same time?

The other tractor I have been contemplating is the Mahindra eMAX 20S. Comes in at same price point, little less lifting power. Not sure if they are equally good or one is better than the other.

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Be sure to take the dealer into consideration no matter which tractor you choose. Unless there are a number of dealers nearby you will be dealing with the dealer for whatever you need for your tractor. Service is a huge consideration when buying.

Sit in the seat of each of your considerations, Ergonomics on the tractor makes one fit better than the other so spend some time on each before committing one way or the other. Talk to the dealer and get a fell for how things work there. Not a bad idea to take a look at the service area if possible.

Cab option is a tough one. If you are far north enough and get a lot of snow it's hard to do without a cab. But you also have to deal with it in the spring summer and fall too. Climbing in and out with a cab can be a little tougher. The glass will heat things up quick. you'd probably need A/C along with the cab. All things to consider.