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Well, we don't make a habit of advertising other tractor forums here :hide:
But isn't that Neil Messick's website? He is(or was) an advertiser here and he's still a member here.


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No problem posting it x595. You can even post other forums if it is pertinent to the conversation. no biggie. I knew I had seen CTR but wasn't sure that it was Neils until Jerry mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder Jerry.
I even went out and looked at it and he is keeping it neutral in that he does not advertise his site and tractors on the review site ..at least that I saw.
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That is Messicks site. It does have a forum but 99% of the activity on it is related to the Kubota RTV.

They have a great parts section on their main site (www.messicks.com) which includes the OEM parts manuals online for most every brand they sell. E.g. here's the page that lists the parts manuals for Kubota equipment.

To access others, just go to the parts department and follow the pages to your model.


I wrote CTR about 4 year ago. I do sell advertising to competitive brands, so I don't really do any moderating of things beyond cleaning up profanity so I'm not precieved as biased by my advertisers. Its really kind of a mistake that the sites has been so successful.

Oddly enough, we're actually in the process of merging the forums of that website with this one.