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Well just came across this thread. Did you ever build a fel? Trying now DIY copying a neighbours as couldn't get plans, ransomes ct333 like a ford 1720, fun fun fun.
No, I never did. I'm getting by just fine with the rear scoop. It's simple with few moving parts. Best of luck with your FEL build. Share a few photos as you go. Its always fun to follow a project like that.


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Nice work. Looks very sturdy. That will last for years. GREAT job.

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Just flicking thru some old threads... adding a pic to this one...

The back loader I made a couple of years ago, still working strong...

Using this improvised jib I cobbled up a while back, made for lifting & placing railway ties...

Still haven't ponied up for a FEL yet... lol


I hope you guys and gals are keeping well?
Looks like that's great for doing Wheelies!! Oh never mind, I see the weights in front.


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Just searching for how to make a transport box for a small Kubota. Discovered this post. Thanks lads- I like Quincey's idea of separate brackets. I have a few old sheet iron tanks that might lend themselves to being cut up. Although they may be too wide at 4 ft?
Would old plough 'scrapes' do to make a cutting edge? Or is there a cheap source of strengthened steel to do the job. I'm in Irish Midlands.
thanks to both of ye for some great ideas.
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