Ford 8N issue


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No clue on tank replacement but ....might you be able to put a liner in or seal the tank so no more rust gets into your gas line? What I'm not sure of is if you would have to remove the tank to apply this stuff ..but here are a couple links I found. I have not tried this stuff ...just searched and found it as I had read of a car restore that did this on his rusted tank. If I can find that tidbit again I'll share it here but so far I have not been able to locate that one.


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I am thinking it may be the gas tank and rust etc clogging it up - I took the fuel bowl off and opened the valve and no gas ran out. I am going to take the entire bowl off and use a flashlight to see if there is a bunch of sediment in the tank - if I have to replace the tank is it a job I can do myself?
TLK, I removed the tank from my Massey Ferguson 35 without a lot of problem. Took it to a shop where they cleaned the inside then put a liner in it. About 5 or so years later I saw a leak. Took the tank back to them and they repaired the leak at no charge to me. That's pretty good customer service.

If your tank is as easy to get to as mine was, you can remove it yourself. Just drain the tank first to make it easier to handle.



ok so I replaced the gas tank that I determined was very rusty. Got fuel flow to and out the carb -

I also bought a new sediment bowl - now my problem is that the gas will flow from the tank into the bowl as long as I do not tighten down the bowl - as soon as I tighten it the gas stops flowing. All filters are new - any ideas why this is happening?


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That may be normal. The engine needs to pull the fuel so once you start it, it'll suck that air out and get a prime then it should be good to go. When you seal it, that air in the bowl doesn't have anywhere to escape to quickly (visible to you). It may bleed out back to the tank but there's a lot of head pressure on it.


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What year? I had a 48 with front coil and distributer, what a pain. I have a 51 now that I pull a five foot finish mower and other implements. Got rid of the points, installed solid state, starts ok and it's still6 volt, or it did until I heard a sizzle. Got to get Jonesie going before mowing season, stay a lot cleaner than using my Zero turn.