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It seems like starting over is the most appropriate way to begin this thread. As you can see by the stats, it's been a long time since I've been here. That wasn't the intention, but life happens. Funny, I noted that in my last post here back in '13. 7 years, crazy huh? Well, hoping it's a lucky 7!! To the long timers (notice I didn't say I've thought of you guys often. Since I was here last, the career has taken many turns, life in the city, life on the road, no time with the equipment, a couple of moves and adopted our (now) 5/9 yo grandsons. Over time, I'll share some about the journey. At the moment, we are now about to close on a 4.25 ac property that we are going to use get us away from working for the man. Yep... Finally going to get to do some of what we have always wanted. Back to the farm and back to the tractor. For the moment, suffice it to say, we are getting into the world of Spin Farming. I'll tell more about that too over time. Right now, I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am about being able to dive into the deep end with the brain trust here.

Glad you're still here, excited to be back. :wave:


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Hi Cowboy!! :wave:
Late seeing this as I was away on a little vacation.
Great to see you back here and posting. :tiphat: