Kubota RTV 900 (2011)


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I am working on a RTV 900 (2011) the Machine seems to have lost its get up and go its gone. It is very slow going up a hill, 30 going down hill , 18 level and 8 on a incline or towing a small trailer. With the wheels off the ground wheels spin freely so no brake issues. New filters and changed the Super UDT2 oil. No change .


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The following might help you.
It is a tuning procedure recommended by Authuritis; our top guru here on Net Tractor Talk,

Hope this helps you. All below is by NTT member Aurthuritis

For best results these steps must be done in this order

1. disconnect the HST speed control lever from the rod at the back corner of the transmission.
2. disconnect the cable and hand throttle from the fuel control lever on the injection pump.
3. make sure the bell crank on the top of the transmission is in the neutral detent.
4. under the foot peddle is a stop bolt sticking up from the floor that limits the downward motion of the peddle. loosen the jamb nut an turn it down all the way.
5 gently push down on the peddle with your hand until you can feel the peddle bottom out in its own mechanism without touching the stop bolt. do this several times so you can get a good feel of the travel.
6. after you feel confident that you can move the foot peddle down to it's natural limit,hold the peddle there and adjust the stop bolt up until it touches the peddle. you now have full motion of travel available.
7. push the peddle down a few times and let it return and then check the bell crank just to make sure it returns to it's detent.
8. when you are confident the peddle has full travel and the bell crank returns to detent,push the peddle down against the floor stop bolt and get someone to hold it there or wedge it secure against the floor stop bolt.
9. take the hst speed control lever and move it to the max speed limit of the lever and then adjust the rod so that the bolt can be put back into the heim joint finger tight. readjust back toward the slow travel movement just a bit so the lever won't be held against the stop. tighten the bolt in the hst speed control lever.
10. adjust the cable that controls the fuel control lever on the fuel injection pump so that the lever is just touching the stop screw for maximum rpm. the idea is to touch the screw but don't stretch the cable. reattach the pin in the fuel control lever and then recconect your hand throttle if you have one.
11. un wedge the foot peddle and confirm the bell crank returns to it's detent and cycle the peddle a few times then re wedge or hold the peddle against the stop and check the hst speed lever and the fuel lever that the adjustment stayed.
12 start your engine and confirm that the machine doesn't creep forward in first gear engine idleing. it shouldn't.
13. next time i see you buy me a cup of coffee! congrats all done