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I had heard of the Minneapolis Moline but seen one, till today. A luxury tractor. Can't blame them for trying.

The 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX “Comfortractor” promised luxury car comfort in a farm tractor. It was a sales flop, but we think it looks cool. (Credit: Wazee Archival via Getty Images.)


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Good idea - too far ahead of it's time to catch on

The bench seat for mom and the kids, radio, heater cab was a bit rich for most post depression farmers to swallow. Some Moline zone managers drove them to cover their territory. I have a friend who bought one at an estate sale for $125,000.00 (collector had paid $139,000.00). I worked for a farm that had a Minny Mo dealership - ran 4 stars, Jet Stars, M-5, U-302 , G-1000 , G-1050, G-1355. My favorite job of all time was running a dual tractor hitch with the front axle off the G-1000 (tuned up to about 140 horse with turbo)and an I beam from back tractor drawbar pin to G-1355 in the front (about 160 horse). Had a hand -clutch , gages, throttle, hydraulic controls for 3 rank 15' chisel plow. Had to remember to throttle down the back one while you were picking up chisel plow to turn, or you could get duals on front tractor into hydraulic pump of back one. That thing made people stop, and watch it run (about 10 mph. You could ram through mudholes with back tractor pushing front one, front one pulling back one thru. at 18 to 20 years old that was better than drag racing to me. Haven't driven anything as exciting since except my Ford F-150 w/Eco-Boost which has 2 turbo set-up.