My '73 VW Bay Camper

Don't know if any here like VW's but I have a lot of fun with them. Been messing around with them since 1982. Here's my latest one that is a keeper for me. Picked it up a year ago, it was a rolling hull. I've been working on it a little here and there.


Here are more pics of it.

Oh and yea, I'll be wearing my cowboy hat when I go places in it. :)


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Very Kewl. Good picture Terry. It looks great. My brother had one that looked much like that one. We had a ball with it. I loved driving it. You sit right over the wheels. Sure is a different feeling. :D :thumb:
Thanks Doc, yea I had been a bug guy for years till I got a chance to drive a bus. Don't feel like so enclosed in these.
Of course, I know they are looking at the bus but as yet I've not had a woman not smile at me when I pass. :cool:

(Don't tell my wife!)