My weekend hauler

Decided to get me a new farm truck since I had given my old '93 extra cab GMC to my daughter for her first vehicle.

Wanted something heavier than the 1/2 ton I passed on to her, and I wanted a 4 door job... Found a nice power hoss, '99 3/4 GMC with a 7.4 (454). I love big blocks!
Should pull my tractor pretty good too.

The stickers on the back window are gone now, but we still call it the weekend hauler.





Then we had been talking about getting a new trailer to haul our horses and cows that were looking into getting now...
Daughter found this just up the road.



Color even matchs, except for the tailgate.




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Nice truck and trailer combo you have there. If you use it enough, you won't have to worry about that tailgate not matching. The same thing will happen to this one that probably happened to the original.:sorry:


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Double Sweet!!!!!! Very nice set up you have there. I love the big blocks also. I run 3 454's in my boats. I suppose there is not that many miles on that truck since it had the big block and they called it a weekend hauler. :thumb:
Both truck and trailer look new, and they match perfectly. :tiphat: :clap: :clap: :thumb:
Thanks a lot guys.

I know just what you mean Jim, my daughter has heard "Don't forget about the tailgate" to the point she rolls her eyes since we got the trailer. An old friend told me once that if you own a gooseneck, it doesn't hirt to have a extra tailgate or two.

Doc, it has 140k on it. I'm the 3rd owner. 2nd was a flipper, he is the one that put the stickers on it. The interior is in real good shape, although I was looking for one with leather. But... Until I found this one all I had looked in the price range I was going to spend was raged out.



It came with the gooseneck hitch already and I'm going to need to get the tranny serviced soon. Want to do some upgrades to let it breath and exhaust better, nothing too wild.

The match was a freek for sure, I was looking for a white truck and planned to get a white trailer. Easy match! I can't complain on how this worked out in the end.

It will have it's first official run April 1. Going to Ardmore, OK. My daughter is competing in the PacWest Professionals Choice Challenge at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.


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Good luck to your daughter in the PacWest Challenge. I hope you will post some pics of the event here for us to see. :thumb:
Have been real busy, didn't get to get on here since the last post. We had a local playday March 26, Daughter had fun showing off the new rig and this was her horse's 3rd competition event. She got 1st place on poles, 2nd on figure 8, & barrels.

Made the Ardmore, OK. to the PacWest Professionals Choice Challenge at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum. Sherry Cervi, a pro barrel racer whom my daughter really likes dropped by and made a 15.021 second run.

Okay, to a lot of people this isn't that big of a deal... But Sunday the horse ran a 16.615 second run. Not bad for a green horn.







Here is her videos of all her runs. Ardmore will be the new one.

Yea, I'm proud of her and what she's done with this horse!