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My son had stored his NAPA floor jack in my garage for years. I sure got used to it and used it often. Very handy. He moved into a new house w/ a garage and took his floor jack with him. So I borrowed it once in awhile and procrastinated on buying me one for myself until yesterday.

I shopped around and found a 3 ton at Harbor freight for just 89 dollars. I read up on it and other offerings online and decided to take a chance on the HF jack. Got it home and it took care of jacking up the ATV in short order . Worked fine. So off to a good start.

I took the flat tire to the tire store to be repaired and dang if I didn't see a half dozen Pittsburgh Automotive floor jacks, just like the one I just bought. They had the low clearance 2.5 ton one. Multiple 3 ton ones like mine, a couple 4 ton ones and the light aluminum 1.5 ton one. All had obviously been well used. I talked to the guys in the shop about them asking how they like them and they all spoke highly of the jacks. Every one of the guys there had bought one for their home after working with the jacks there at work. They said these jacks worked better than the NAPA $300 jacks they used to buy. I was impressed and felt even better about my purchase. If anyone is in the market for a floor jack you might want to give this one a look.

3 ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump®
Pittsburgh Automotive - item#68048

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I lucked out on a deal at a HF store. I walked in not planning on spending more then 10-15 $'s, but as always I walked over to the clearance rack. Sure enough there sits a 20ton air/mechanical pump jack. average price new 130ish, this one was going for $65.00. Took it up to the front desk and asked what was up, lady said it was a return because the buyer could not get it to work. They told me if I wanted it I had 5 days to bring it back. took it home and sure enough no fluid in the pump, filled it up and it works like a champ.