Pictures of tractors


and I still have my tapered "easydump" bucket and HD pallet forks w/headache rack from the stolen one that i can use with it. :D



Money well spent! Can't see how you could go wrong with a rig like that.

Nice looking property you've got there too.



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Brad, welcome!

We would love to see more pictures with descriptions.

How is that Kama working out as it gets some hours on it? And who supports Belarus? Are there parts for it in the US?


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Ok guys, finally got the woman out with the camera.

These are all from a project I'm working on for the wife. For some reason she wants the rock hill beside the house cleaned up of dirt so she can make a big rock garden of sorts.

Sorry forgot to resize:sorry:

This is looking down from the hill I'm clearing. Can just see the lake through the trees.

Sorry if the pics are too large, :pat:still trying to get used to photobucket. I'll post some more later when I get everything resized and as progress moves along.
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Beautiful place you have there. Looks like you will have great weather to work during the next week or so.


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I thought I,d post a few pics of My tractors . Nothing fancy or perty & I,ve been selling or trading them off as I get stuff done & no longer need them . But allways looking to buy more if I can upgrade.

The one with the turf tires ( My wifes tractor ) I traded off for the forklift . Then I bought the lil yanmar to make up for it :pat: . Then I found the old electric Harley Davidson golfcart for Her & going to sell the yanmar . But I,m working on buying a kubota now .

Anyway heres a few pics . Bob