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I started this little pond projust a couple of years ago because it was allready a low spot & I needed dirt for several other ares of the property . Its served both purposes up till now but I let it go dry so I can try to finish it & dig out what has silted in since I started it . I also needed more dirt :pat:

We,ve had very little rain this year so I thought I,d do it before it does rain & of coarse Were under sever storm watch as I type this & I,m no where near done :pat: . Anyway I got plenty of seat time the last few days & heres some pics of the little bit I did get done . :tiphat:

I use the Iseki for digging out because it has the toothbar & sits lower to the ground & is lighter then My newer one . I had to add ballast to the boxblade though because backing out the ramp with a full bucket just didn,t quite feel safe :hide: . Then I move the dirt across the property with the other one because its more stable with a full bucket & I dont need to put it in 4WD to go across the field . Heres where I,m at now . I,m waiting to see how much rain we get :tiphat:


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What's the new pond like today?
Hate to tell ya but you will not get a reply from our good ole Cowboy. Unfortunately he passed away a little over a year ago. :( He was a good guy and is surely missed here.