Postimages pictures disappearing

thcri RIP

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I know it has been a while since I have been around but life sometimes takes us in other than planned directions mainly our health. And this is a tractor forum so posting wildlife pictures probably don’t interest many.

But I did come back and it looks as though all my pictures have disappeared. I use post image and the do have a time option but I turn that off.

Sorry for the missing photos and I would put them back if I could but I can’t

Bit any advice for future I sure would appreciate it.


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Dang. Sorry to hear that Murph.
So, were you using another site to host the images and show them here? They've bit me in the butt more than once so I prefer to have the images posted inline in the forum. Your call. I'm not sure what post image is. If it is not another site and you tried to put them here, I'll see if I can help.