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We were going down the barn driveway.. next to a patch called the "lightening tree (cause lightening struck a tree there 20 years ago and it smoldered for 2 weeks).
We're weaning the registered heifers and had just moved them out of the patch that morning ... but there before my eyes was a heifer with her head stuck in a tree. I said "that calf has her head stuck in that tree" ... B-i-l says "there should be none in that patch" so we back up, get the tools needed to extract the silly thing , I get the Roxor because it has everything but the kitchen sink on it.
Fortunately for her, she was able to get pushed back out with the help of mineral oil and us fussing at her. Afterwards, we got her back with the rest of her friends. From the looks of it she had been there all day. It was a miracle that we went down that driveway that evening . I was sure grateful because the freezer is full.
Several years ago, a cow did the same thing in a different tree and patch. She stayed longer but survived- If only she would have lowered her head to back out , she would have been out faster. That one had a hug blood blister on her neck from trying to get out. That tree is gone now and this one wil either be gone or have hog wire attached securely .


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Funny but so glad you got to her in time to save her.

My wife likes talking to cows as we ride side roads. I'll stop and she'll have a chat with them. The reactions are priceless. The other day we passed one group twice and one time one cow had a bird sitting on it's nose. Just sitting there. Next time she had two birds on her head. Only on hers, not on any of the others. Do you see stuff like that with your herd collie?


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Hey Doc. I'm glad that I'm not alone. Haha . I usually am pointing to a gate opening and say go thru that gate. They generally look at my hand and to where I'm pointing then seem to say ok and go thru the gate. We have a couple of good but silly cows. They give me the side eye and seem to say "make me ". That's when the popping whip is needed. ( Usually the cracking noise is all I need to get respect. )(Rarely pop a cow- the noise works best)
This time of the year, in the warm months , we have cattle egrets that ride around on cows back and their heads. I love watching them too. If you see a white marking , it will mean an egret has relieved himself/herself on the cow. They wait patiently for insects like grasshoppers and crickets to be startled by the cows and then the egrets will swoop them up for a little snack ... or 2 or 3 haha :)
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What is it with animals and holes in trees?

My wife and I were back in Scotland just traveling around. We stopped to visit one of the "stately homes". When we were leaving we had to slow down to get through a flock of Jacob sheep who were lying on the hot asphalt. I noticed one of the sheep had its head stuck in a hole in a tree. I got out and tried to get it free but couldn't manage so I went back up to the house and reported it. The farm manager came over and said that he knew exactly what tree I was talking about and exactly what sheep it was. He said, "That stupid animal gets its head stuck in that tree about once a week". Sheep just aren't too bright. :)