RTV-XG850 Radio Options with the Premium roof?


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I bought a barely used RTV XG850 that has the premium roof installed and the speakers and wiring harness installed (12 pin), but no radio kit was installed. It looks like the Kubota kit (Kubota Part#: 77700-VP0897) uses a Jensen Powersports JHD40BT radio, but I can't find a part number or any details on the 12 pin harness or what mounting bracket it takes.

I am trying not to spend $540 on this kit, since I really only need the radio, mount, and the other end of the harness.


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I bought a used RTV x1100c and wanted a radio installed. Called dealer and he said it would cost 125. I was having turn signals installed also so I got the radio too. It is an off brand radio but it works. I called later and said I didn't get an owners manual with the radio. He said none came with that radio. The Kubota product would have cost 400 and at that price he never sold any. So they buy this off brand and install it for a whole lot less. With a little luck you might ask your dealer if they can offer a non kubota cheaper alternative for your 850. Good luck.


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looks like it just uses a 12 pint Deutsch connector. A pinout diagram would be nice - if anyone has one.

I am likely going to pop in one of the marine gauge style radios or bluetooth amps, like this pyle:
Or this Boss:
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All electronics.com

The 9 pin for my RTV 1100 was about three bucks.
Otherwise Messick's might have a radio kit with harness for around $200


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That wouldn't help me. on mine, there is a 12-pin Deutsch connector. I ended up grabbing an assortment of Deutsch connectors and picked up the BOSS MGR450B radio on ebay for $75 new in box.


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Northern Tool had my solution. ($50) I can use on the RTV, Tractor, lawn-mower, ..AND...is great background-noise eliminator while wife vacuums (or fusses) :ROFLMAO:


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