Seal Replacement in Front End


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I was working on a fence that had been run thru by animals . The Roxor picked up a piece of wire and wrapped it just right around the area between the U joints and seal of the differential.
Of course, a storm was approaching so I got under and tried to cut it off so I could get home. It was a mess. The wire had wrapped around the yolk between it and the seal and totally ruined the seal.
I crept to the barn a half mile away and parked it . Then, I found some help and encouragement on the web so am sharing that .
This link explains it and the camera work is clear. He had the exact problem I did when trying to remove the seal - I sharpened an old bent screwdriver and was successful. I gently (at first) opened the flange of the seal and went around as far as I could and then ,add a little prying to the center and it came right out with that but before hand, I was about fit to be tied. Pay particular attention to how and mark everything so it will go back together properly. I'm waiting on the seal to come in and until then the Roxor just teases me - setting there - luring me but not able to use ..


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I started a different thread on this but should have put them together -- oh well- old age I guess I was going to remove it but didn't see the delete button. I apologize . the other thread will be more detailed.. collie