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I post this for any other dummy that comes along with a similar issue.

Bought a RTVX900 used from a rental company, seemed to run fine and drive OK, 1300 hrs. Never had one before

First thing I did is change the oil, and all filters. Used the Kubota filter pack that has everything in it and all the Kubota fluids.

Drove it around for a few weeks and found it funny that the top speed was only about 10mph. Read on forums that they are not speed demons, but this seemed very slow compared to the specs. I then started having problems where when I step on the accelerator, the engine revs up, but the unit barely moves. If I park on a hill (hard to find in Louisiana), would not startup and drive forward at all, in H or L. On flat ground I could rev it to about 1/2 throttle and after a delay it would take off. I also noticed it making a "funny" sound until it actual started to move.

I stared researching the problem and found this forum; Joined so I could see the pics and diagrams people were posting of similar issues. After a few hours of reading threads of people with the identical problems, I decided something major must be wrong with the swash plate or something like that would require a tear-down.
I did try:
  • Removed and checked both filters on the transmission
  • Removed and cleaned the pressure reliefs, High, braking and load
  • checked linkages and cables.
Everything looked fine and after putting it all back together tried taking it out on a test run. I would not move at all.

I then pulled up the service manual and went through the troubleshooting guide.
"System will not operate in Both directions"
1) oil level low, Check and add as needed. Good - Transmission level is good
5) HST is Bad replace. My worst fear !!!

But it's all good now, no bad HST. I just decided to read the manual and the whole manual. Turns out that the transmission and engine oil dipstick is under the bed, but the unit actual has a separate hydraulic system that you fill under the passenger seat that is for the HST. My fluid was just low, very low.

My speed problem was because the rental company adjusted the unit to work in a chemical plant with a max speed limit of 10mph. Using this forum I found the info to adjust the linkages.

20mph now, up hill.

The moral of the story:
  • Start troubleshooting with the easiest thing first
  • Read the words in the manual, don't just look at the pictures
Hope this helps someone else