trailer hitch stuck


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I've had my 25' Baja for 15 years. This has never happened before, but, as they say, first time for everything.
I have an eagle trailer. I went to hook it up Sunday to trailer the boat later that day and no matter what I could not get it to set down on the ball like it always has. I had an extra 2" ball free of a hitch and tried to push it up in and nope, could not do it. So I ended up taking out the bolt that holds the inerds of the hitch in place. Moved the piece that appeared to be stopping the hitch from sitting down on the ball and wala, I had it fixed. At least I thought so.

Pulled out the boat later that day. Get it home and go to unhook the trailer, no way hose-A. No matter what I did I could not get the hitch off the ball. So, my fix must've screwed things up. I ended up putting both the truck and boat in the pole barn and left it at that. I need to know how the inerds of the hitch should be ....and thoughts as to what might have happened to cause the hitch issue.

Any diagrams or resources that might give me a clue would be appreciated. I should add that the hitch and works are well lubricated. I put fluid film on all the parts long before the problem. So I do not believe this is a lube issue.


Don't know much about the workings of the hitch but could it be out of round and that's what's causing the ball to hang up?


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Does it have the lever type or the hand tighten type? I'm assuming no hydraulic brakes? Go to eTrailer they have rebuild kits for trailers and show parts diagrams.