WV Hideaway


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Looks very secluded. What's it like in the summer? Do you have grass or is the tree cover keep everything shaded and woodsy? Are you on top of a hill? View?


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A little grass around the house to mow with a walk-behind. On a hill YES but no view, which is good can't see anyone nor can they see me.


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Beautiful. Very nice hideaway you have there. :thumb: :D
Thanks for sharing!!!! Reps for you!


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Blueone, that's looks like the ideal place to get away from it all. It's beautiful ... except that all that white stuff gives this Texan the CHILLS. :wink:

Good post. It's great to see where the other members hang out.
Almost heaven, right? Looks like a great place to hunker down and raise a family. I just got back from town to our hollow in the woods and while I'm away from the woods I'm missing them. While I'm in the woods I'm dreading going back to town.