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    More questions

    I have the Kubota Insurance and my trailer is covered, I think you can include the plow price in coverage.
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    RAC system?

    Nice ride! Cool racks
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    How much are Kubota RTVs worth?

    I paid 7000 for a 04 that had 400 hrs on it and was so clean you could tell it has been babied!
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    Kubota Insurance Rocks!

    Nope, bought it outright. Called and gave her a value and a value on the trailer. She gave me a quote, and I told her, used, 2004 model, and I'm probably fourth or fifth owner. Still got the insurance and am extremely happy!
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    Kubota Insurance Rocks!

    Got my RTV covered, including the trailer! $176 for a year!
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    Show us your RTV @work today.... those are just branches from some trimming so the kids can drive around without hitting the RTV roof! We didn't get anything from Mathew.
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    Show us your RTV @work today....

    I'll start....being used to clean up the yard, this week I plan on hauling tools around the deer lease.
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    Instant Garage!

    I went to harbor freight and bought a set of four ratchet straps and those dog chain screws that go in the ground. I also bought those ten inch tent stakes for each foot.
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    Instant Garage!

    We had drivers training in "L" today. Both of them HAD to get their practice in! This is our first utility vehicle! And for some reason while I was building the garage..they kept beeping the horn and giggling!
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    Instant Garage!

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    Instant Garage!

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    Instant Garage!

    My toy needs to get under cover from the weather and pine sap. Found it on Craigslist for a song, new in the box![/URL][/IMG]
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    Cabela's jump seat for $99! Use coupon 16BONUS10. Free shipping and $10 off!
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    Cabela's jump seat for $99! Use coupon 16BONUS10. Free shipping and $10 off!

    Ordered mine! On sale plus the coupon!
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    I'd like some guidance on buying a 2004 rtv900

    I have rented a rtv500 the last two years multiple times. So getting a trailer and this 900 should make the hunting and camping trips so much more enjoyable. Now to start the accessory shopping! ;-)