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    New Snow Plow on My 900

    Check out this video my son-in-law made. He is using my 2007 900. He says it works like a champ in our subdivision in Idaho. I purchased the whole setup from Promark, I already had the winch, added the rear chains also. Pap
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    Something different...

    I was seriously considering a Bad Boy before I checked on the distances it would go (in Heaven) which was 26 miles, subtract about 50% in weather conditions under freezing, subtract another 20-30% if you have to use the winch, and that's when I went out and bought my 900 diesel. The fuel guage...
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    RTV ~~ What weapon do you carry in your RTV ?

    During hunting season here in Idaho, I have a Tompson-Center stainless Encore. Deer season is first and I use the .243 or 7mm-08 barrel, then elk and I switch to the 30-06, then wolf (except for this year when the feds shut it down) season with my 22-250 barrel. The TC Encore is the best thing...
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    Super cool portable air compressor

    For all of you that own some puny, mostly worthless, small air compressors for inflating all manner of tires, I have one for you. I just received this one from Outback Extreme and it is the all time champ of portable air compressors. If you're looking for a good Christmas present to yourself or...
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    Wiper blades??

    Anyone got a handle on a couple of 900 wiper blades? Thanks- Pap
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    About to jump in

    Nothing wrong with that deal especially with the low hours and delux cab. For about the same outfit, I paid 16,500 for my 2006 900 and it still runs like a brand new one 400 hours later. Pap
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    Goodies from Extreme Outback

    I just ordered a bunch of their tire puncture kits form My 'Bota and the ATV's, plus one for my Bronco. They have a bunch of other goodies that have just gone on my Christmas wish list. Pap
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    Rattlesnake bite

    Never take them for granted. Not pretty- Pap
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    Used my winch today!!!

    Just make sure that when you use your winch that the engine is running or you'll soon run your battery down and then you're really stuck. Been there, done that. Pap
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    Add turbo to RTV1100 or go with new Ranger?

    I again will tell everyone that my 900 will climb any mountain that I WANT to climb here in Idaho and believe me, some of them make me pucker up. Also, as I have said before, a pipeline contractor used 2 900's for over a year up some very steep mountains and they never complained. The only thing...
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    For everyone with a copy machine

    You need to see this and pass it on. Pap;photovideo
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    1906 San Francisco Film Clip

    You won't even believe what it was like 104 years ago in the big city- Pap
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    Interesting posi-trac video

    Wonder why you get stuck even with your "limited slip", look at this one-
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    Pine Trees

    Best time to prune evergreens is in the spring just before it starts to bud. If the top(terminal bud) isn't growing then it is either damaged or a tip moth got it. either way, if you want to start a new terminal take the best 2 branches closest to the terminal and tie them together so they are...
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    Rear view mirror install

    Go on any of the boat parts web sites and get one of their ski-boat rear view mirrors. It has a very wide view and with their brackets, it installs on the 'Bota with no problem. I've had mine for 3 years. It's the best I have found. Pap