Tractor won't start Original 13 year old battery died


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I have about 5 tenders. They're almost always in use. If anything sits for more than a couple weeks, it's getting one on it.

Another note: Check your batteries to see if they have caps. When I went for new batteries yesterday, I took 4 with me to get them tested. One was a large deep-cycle that I use (with an inverter) for emergency electric power. I thought it was sealed as there was no visible caps. He told me to read the sticker on the top. It says to remove the sticker and fill the cells now and then. DOH! Took it home, removed the stickers, opened the caps. They were way low. Added about 1/2 gallon of distilled water then put it on a 10-amp charge.


My M7040 was delivered on 08/31/'07, 13 years 12 days ago. If I run it a few minutes every couple weeks it still fires the tractor up with no problem. If it sets a month one of the little glove-box size boosters will help it spin like a new battery. No power @ the barn to run a tender, guess I need to get one of those little solar charger / maintainer panels to keep on it.