4WD articulated tractor works!


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I havent had the time to really do anything to it. Its just parked in a barn.

I am currently trying to sell it, £5000 if anyone is interested!


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Just an update to this.
Managed to sell the tractor to a guy who specialises in amphibious vehicles. Working with him we have made it into an amphibious rescue craft. Pretty cool bit of kit.
Once all the paperwork is in place to protect it I will post some pictures.


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Evening all.
Just thought I'd share a pic of where this tractor ended up.
Ended up using all the drive system, and adding a hydraulic driven jet impeller for water drive.
Fully amphibious!


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Hey Mith,

Nice to see you back! That's one sweet looking vehicle. Now I'm going to have to re-read this thread to refresh my history. Need to work on Christmas now so will read it later today.


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Awesome. Very kewl Mith. Good to hear from you man. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. :beer: