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Ahh that is horrible news Ohio Paw Paw. Man. Stay safe and prayers for all to recover fully. Scary stuff for sure all the way around. We are all living in a nightmare.


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Ohio Paw paw . I am very concerned . Yes, this is real and true self isolation is about you can do to not get infected. even the mail/packages could be a source of the germs . We leave ours sitting out for a while.-- We have all gotten a lax in our safety protocols so this is a wake up for us all here. Thank you for sharing !! As people move towards the indoors this is going to get worse and dramatic things will most likely happen by election time and into the new year.
I will add them to my prayers and pray for a hedge of protection around them and all those who will accept . You be careful too !!! collie
Update on Father in Law. Late last night, the nurses noticed his sat was improving and they were able to reduce his oxygen to 3 liters. By this morning they reduced it to one liter. By this evening, they took the ox off of him completely. They are monitoring the sat when he exerts himself but if he stays pretty solid, he may be home in a couple of days. They told us he could get a lot worse all at once or could get better suddenly. He is indeed better but is very weak. The pain in his guts is moderating which is what made it impossible to eat or hold anything down. No doubt in my mind this is answered prayers. Collie makes a really great point - this is a wake up call. Pushing through a pandemic is a lot like like fighting a war; eventually a person gets tired, bored, worn down and then you get sloppy. We have endured this isolation for so long that some of us figure we are immune. Some of us have had enough and just want to get back to normal. If you let yourself get sloppy about your personal safety - if you decide you've had enough isolation and decide to go to a restaurant for instance, you could be changing the course of your life and the members of your family, work and church. Please think it through and God bless. And thank you so much for the prayers - hope we get my FIL home soon.
Update: Father in Law is home, very weak and Doctor says at least two months before he starts getting his strength back. He still cant taste or smell anything and knowing of my Mother in Law's cooking, he is probably better off. He is forcing himself to eat and drink however. He wants very much to get back to church. It is not my mission to scare anyone. The lung Doctor told him that he may only get 80% of his lung capacity back which is one of the crappy parts of getting this bug. We are blessed and thankful to have him home in any event and I hope you all can avoid this.


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I'm so grateful that he's home !! He still needs to be very careful - I know you know that but make sure that he does. God bless all of ya'll.