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    JD Model 655

    I've had starters and starter mounted solenoids do that to me. Start cheap and simple then work into expensive and complex.
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    Implements for Gravel Road Maintenance They make graders on the itty bitty scale
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    Starting problem on BX2350

    I've seen starters and solenoids that after a few years of getting warm next to a screaming hot engine will get a little weak when they get warm. Let em cool off and they'll crank over fine. I might pick on the starter itself or the solenoid if it's mounted on the starter.
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    Are you sure you want a Turbo ?

    That video convinced me that yes, yes I do want a turbo.
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    New Holland TC35D Hydraulics won't work

    I have no idea about HST New Holland drives. If the HST and the other hydraulics all come off the same pump then that puts me in the middle of confusion on how your tractor is doing what it is doing. I would have expected a different pump to drive the HST system.
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    New Holland TC35D Hydraulics won't work

    I've had similar problems before and it was generally just dirt or gear shavings stuck in a valve causing it to bypass all of the pressure from the pump and not build pressure to do work. Since you ran the loader all day working it I'd pick on that one first after I made sure the filter wasn't...
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    importing a used rtv 1100 to australia

    I'd make sure the emissions on the RTV meet the law in Australia. I have heard rumor that those laws are getting stricter. You might end up freighting a machine there just to have it get locked up in customs being made here and not meeting your own countries requirements. I'd wager the part of...
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    Overheating problems

    I used a 1/2' thick hog hair or "cut to fit" air filter from a local hardware store cut down to fit in front of the radiator of my L3400. I cut the rest into strips to fit in the grille for those super nasty pastures that haven't been cut in 10 years. The pieces in the grille are harder to clean...
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    Diesel Clogging one solution

    I'd love to hear it, Vintovka. All I hear on the news is the 2 extremes of the argument. And California, any word on any plans for your state to convert to more natural gas infrastructure to help with the smog? Looks like it did wonders for India. I hear you could cut the air with a chainsaw a...
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    Diesel Clogging one solution

    I have a 2011 F250 with the selective catalyst reduction system. I have guys look at me like I'm a blinker fluid salesman when i tell them I have to put "diesel exhaust fluid" in my truck. If you would have told me a decade ago that I would have to put "clean urea" in my truck I would have...
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    A little humor to wake folks up!

    Politicians are like sperm. Only one in a million ends up developing a brain. and this little gem.... A response to a safety auditor on a work site: Bud, all of us will be OK of we remember 2 simple things: 1. Learn to get out of the way. Stay out of the way when you get there. 2.Don't...
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    walking in the dark .....

    Are you smearing clean oil on the rubber gasket? I do that as a matter of habit and I've never had a filter back off or leak on me. Not even the cheapo's have leaked on me.
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    RTV500 Servo Adjustment

    Start with the basics. Make sure you don't have a clogged air or fuel filter. The machine might be screaming for the 50 hour service. If it's a hydro tranny the filter might be full of "wear-in" shavings and have restricted flow. Try fresh fuel. That kind of stuff. Beyond that I'd pick my...
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    Kioti head gasket

    I'd be inclined to find out how fast the engine was turning when you were working it. If you don't have the water turning over fast enough in the radiator and the fan turning too slow it will tend to push the coolant temps up. Those little diesels are pretty picky about getting hot. You...
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    SMOG test for RTV!??!?

    The law is powerless to help you. But it will put your butt in a sling every chance it gets.